Icône Tablette Android bleue (PNG, vecteurs)

Ceci est une icône Tablette Android disponible en PNG et en vecteurs. Le téléchargement est gratuit pour les PNG jusqu'à 100x100 px.
It's an icon of a smartphone laying horizontally. The Android alien logo is on the screen.

Idée pour l'Icône Tablette Android par Saurabh Gupta

Nous avons reçu cette idée le August 01, 2013 et créé les icônes le September 01, 2013

I am surprised we don't have a tablet icon yet. There is a family of tablet out there for different OS, such as iPad, Win 8 tablets and Android tablets; then there are mini tabs and large phones. These icons would be welcome. It would also help to have a generic mobile device icon without a mention of the OS, something that can be used to symbolize mobile devices in general, not a particular brand or OS.

Bin Aries
Great idea! Some icon candidates:
1) indicating that an app is designed to runs on all types of devices: Android Tablet
2) indicating that an app is designed only for mobile phones or tablets
3) indicating that an app is designed to work with at least two or more mobiles/tablets (e.g. games that can only be played by two or more persons).