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Idée pour l'Icône Rotation en paysage
This is an icon of your typical smartphone in the vertical position. It has a blank screen. Around the outside of the upper left corner, an arrow is wrapping around, pointing downward.
Cette page montre les différentes variantes de l'icône Rotation en paysage provenant d'un pack Icons8. N'hésitez pas à redimensionner et recolorer l'icône, puis de la télécharger au format PNG gratuitement.

Idée pour l'Icône Rotation en paysage par Eveline

Nous avons reçu cette idée le August 30, 2013 et créé les icônes le September 24, 2013

Please create the following icons:
1. Rotate device (from portrait to landscape)
2. Rotate device (from landscape to portrait)
3. Portrait only
4. Landscape only

These icons are needed to indicate to the mobile/handheld/tablet user that he/she should turn the device into portrait or landscape mode.

Also create some icons to indicate that a view can only viewed within portrait or landscape mode (the view is fixed for a certain mode).
Please create for icon 1 an icon that shows a phone/tablet that is moving like this and also an arrow like this (the arrowsign pointing in the direction to which it needs to be turned, and the 'user' changed into a smartphone/tablet) The first picture represents the device that is rotated in a certain direction (I couldn't find any other picture that was rotated in a certain angle, it has nothing to do with the NASA "Curiosity").

Please create for icon 2 an icon that does the opposite of icon 1. I was thinking to let the arrow point from left to right to bring the device into portrait mode, and to let the arrow point from right to left to bring the device into landscape mode.

For the icon 3 I was thinking of a mobile phone which is holded by a user in his/her hand clearly showing the portrait mode. More like holding a remote control like this:Tilt icon idea (icon example here: ). Not having the thumb over the smartphone pointed. More like how the human in the picture is holding it.

For icon 4 I was thinking of showing a smartphone in landscape mode that is holded by the user using both hands. As if the user wants to take a picture with the camera. Each side one hand like you do when you are holding a compact camera. Like this: Tilt icon idea

You have my blessings. Eveline.

Lovely... nice icons! Thanks!
Typo in URL of icon 3:
Tilt icon idea
Icon 4 update: like this Tilt icon ideas I like the last picture because it is in the same style as icon 3 (positions of the hand/hands). Thank you. Eveline.
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